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Senior Care Services in Campbell, California

See what our clients have to say about our staff and services by reading some of the testimonials they sent. If you like to share your experience in working with us, you are more than welcome to send your testimonials.

24 responses to “Testimonials”

  1. CA, CA
    This is the best home care agency that I have used. They are very flexible and responsive to requests. Their bookkeeping is superb. The
    home care helper they sent is very competent, honest and a hard worker. I highly recommend them

  2. San Jose, CA
    Calfornia Seniors Care was very helpful in answering all of my questions regarding my grandparent’s needs for home care services. My grandfather was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Jason helped outline important issues and what steps our family needed to take in order to get him the best possible care… and what options were the most affordable. They are always very responsive and easy to communicate with. I would recommend California Seniors Care to any family looking for the highest quality caregivers!

  3. Mountain View, CA
    I am so thankful for California Seniors Care. My grandmothers last few months were extremely difficult for all of us, the staff at CSC helped ease the situation by extending a much needed helping hand. Thank you!

  4. San Jose, CA
    California Seniors Care is a professional caring team. My Grandmother loved their service and her provider LITA very much! We will definately use their services again. Hopefully, not for some time.

  5. Fremont, CA
    We are so grateful that we found California Seniors Care! Everyone was so professional, caring and kind. We used their services for my mother when she became bed ridden after a serious illness. Jason took the time to visit with my mom to find out exactly what her specific needs were. We used the live-in services for my mom’s care. When Lita arrived it was a blessing! She took such good care of my mom. Lita provided mom with the care and dignity she deserved. My mom loved her and appreciated her so much. We are happy to report that mom made a complete and full recovery! Thanks to the whole team at California Seniors Care Services! We highly recommend the services you provide! Thanks again!

  6. Salt Lake City, UT
    I had a great experience with California Seniors Care. Jason was very helpful in making my mom and me feel comfortable with the process of hiring a caregiver. He explained all of our options, and he really took the time to understand our situation, both practically, but also emotionally.

    He was also able to place someone quite skilled in a pretty short time period, which was extremely helpful. I hope not to be in the situation to need care like this again, but if I do, I would work with them again.

  7. San Jose, CA
    GREAT SERVICE! I am extremely pleased with the service and care that California Seniors Care has provided for my father. I have used California Seniors Care for many years now. We originally started with a 20-hour per week care provider, but as my father’s needs grew, we required a 40-hour per week provider. Both my father and I are VERY HAPPY with both the service that Jason and his company provide us, as well as the service of the care provider.

    It is important to know what your loved one’s needs are and to make them clear to the care provider agency beforehand. Personality match-ups can be tricky, but I am satisfied with the care provider with whom my father was matched. They are an almost-perfect fit and my father has gotten along with his care provider since the first day.

    Like so many other elderly patients, my father has specific medical and dietary needs which must be met with the help of our care provider. Additionally, his emotional needs for companionship are important as well. Thankfully, both Jason and our care provider have been instrumental in meeting all of my father’s needs.

    Jason has gone above and beyond to ensure that the quality of care that my father is providing meets and exceeds our expectations. I also appreciate the help that the founders of California Seniors Care (Dale and Mercy) have provided over the years too.

    I am HIGHLY SKEPTICAL of the negative review written by another person. It simply it not consistent with the experience I have had with California Seniors Care, nor is it even consistent with any of the other reviews.

    I highly recommend California Seniors Care to anyone in need of a care provider for their loved one.

  8. San Jose, CA
    I have being using their service for awhile and happy and satisfied with their work so far. My Aunt like their care unlike with other places and I am not going to mention names. I would recommend people to give California Seniors Care a try.

  9. San Jose, CA
    I’ve worked with California Seniors Care, and have nothing but good things to say about them. They really care about their clients, as well as their caregivers. Jason goes out of his way to make sure that the client is comfortable and happy. CSC is definitely a one of a kind agency…I would recommend them to everyone!

  10. San Jose, CA
    It has been six months since my mother was cared for by California Seniors Care and I think of Jason and his caregivers fondly. My 93 year old mother had very strong opinions about who she would allow in her house. After the initial interview, Jason said he had just the person and was he right! Mom loved Mila! However, when Mila needed her time off. she took a dislike to the next one. When I called Jason on a Sunday, he replaced her quickly with Anita, another warm and caring person. Our family is very grateful for CSC’s support.

  11. San Jose, CA
    My girlfriend recommended CA Seniors Care who used them to care for their father for over a year. She couldn’t say enough great things about them. So, I had to try them out. Jason and his caregiver, Lita, are heaven sent. She watched my father, with Alzheimers, for over 2 years. She was very caring and loving (and maticulously clean) . I considered her part of our family.

  12. San Jose, CA
    My mom was suddenly in the hospital and I had nobody to care for my dad. Jason came to the house and introduced himself to us and my dad who has dementia. Which I thought was awesome of him to do. After that, we met and discussed the best plan and hours needed which was easy. Meanwhile I was a wreck because I thought my mom was passing away in the ICU. CSC is absolutely the best. He loved Susan and so did we. I would absolutely recommend CSC for anyone looking for care for their aging parents or whatever the case may be.

  13. San Jose, CA
    California Seniors Care has been my grandmothers caretakers now for almost a year. A stark difference between her former caretakers.

    Every caretaker has a car, and can take your loved one anywhere they want to go. They are wise, caring, and really understand the difficult transition for seniors when they need 24×7 care.

    Each caretaker is patient, they treated my grandmother with dignity and respect. Even though it took time, they gained her trust. Now my grandmother feels like the ladies that come to the house are real friends. They go out, they laugh, and they keep grandma doing the things she used to do before she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. They go shopping, visit family, take trips. I don’t have to worry one bit that my grandma’s days are unfilled by stimulating company. The caretakers spend hours a day talking with grandma, having coffee, and taking care of the house.

    There’s a lot of bad caretakers out there. My grandma’s last caretakers we’d often find spoiled food, or hear that a sick caretaker slept on my grandma’s couch all day. Either that or they’d be completely disengaged from her, or come without a car. You really have to keep an eye on this kind of stuff, and I’m really happy to say that CSC provides a level of service I expect for the most important lady of my life. I consider them family.

  14. San Francisco, CA
    I have worked with various care providers in the area which haven’t been very good experiences in caring for my mother who has dementia. So when I called California Seniors Care I was somewhat apprehensive. But when I met with the coordinator, she was very professional and sincerely listened to me when I explained what kind of care my mother needed. A caregiver arrived later that same week and she hit it off wonderfully with my mother. Now I feel comfortable in leaving her in good capable hands when I go and run my errands. I would definitely recommend CSC to anyone who is looking for compassionate care for their loved one.

  15. San Jose, CA
    My mother was very resistant to the idea of having a caregiver spend time with her while I work, but now she gets the assistance she needs and looks forward to the company. They go for a walk, work puzzles or talk, my mom isn’t missing her meds anymore and she gets the mental stimulation she needs while I’m gone. CSC has accommodated my very variable schedule and her caregiver Patricia is always on time and calls me when she has any concerns.

  16. Central San Jose, San Jose, CA
    Thank you Califonia Seniors Care for your ongoing service since January of this year. You are always communicating with me and making sure that our needs are met. When we were looking for someone to come in to our house to care for my husband, your company was by far the best.

    Our caregiver is wonderful and really engages my husband by playing card games with him, taking him for walks, and treats him like a VIP (which he loves). I realize that having a caregiver is wonderful for me as well.

    I would highly rate California Seniors Care as exceptional!

  17. Campbell
    Thank you very much for coming to our rescue. Both you and the women are champions in our book. (Caregiver) and (Caregiver) provided excellent and loving care to Joyce. Very special ladies – “angels” is a much better description. Thank you for working with us – you definitely have our recommendation.

  18. Saratoga
    …And we again wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and all of your staff for so many encouraging and happy memories in his rehab as well as all the great help from (CSC). I know that when we eventually see him again in heaven that he will speak, as before, very highly of you.

  19. Sunnyvale
    My mother tried other companies but was never happy until she started a relationship with the loving caregivers and service of California Seniors Care. After three years of great service, I can still honestly say that I would love to recommend CSC to anyone looking for care for their loved one!

  20. Sunnyvale
    California Seniors Care has provided me with great service and care for several years. I have no idea what I would do without them!

  21. San Ramon, CA
    The management is great. The caregivers are great. My mom needed only 12 hours a week at first, then after a hospital stay we were planning 24/7 care, and then decided 2 x 4 hour sessions a day was enough. Never did they complain about cutting back or adding. Very responsive and cordial. Compassionate and kind. What else can you ask of a management team.

    Never had to wait more than a couple rings to get someone, any time of the day or night.

    I highly recommend them for first line care.

  22. Modesto, CA
    I needed to find a short term caregiver for my 90 yr old dad who just got out of a rehab center after a bad fall. I called California Seniors Care and within two days someone was out at the house to do an interview with myself and my mom. Two days later we had a wonderful, caring, helpful caregiver arrive. Martha was beyond exceptional and personable, helping not only my dad but also my mom. She made them feel comfortable immediately. My dad no longer needs her help but if he ever does again we will most definitely request her. She is so missed!

  23. Fremont, CA
    My story is a common one. Mom got older and needed a short-term caregiver after taking a fall and breaking her right arm.

    We were looking at a recovery of 3 months and were struggling to find someone to assist us until such time that the broken arm was healed.

    Enter the wonderful people from California Seniors Care.

    They were gentle with their care and provided precisely what we needed which was compassionate short-term care.

    The staff was always on time and always gentle and patient.

    They were like Angels who came to our aid. God bless each of them.

    Mom is back to her independence and we are all so very thankful for California Seniors Care.

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