Home Care Aide Registry

As more and more seniors require assistance at home, they should have the confidence knowing there are trusted local options available. With the implementation of Assembly Bill 1217, also known as the Home Care Service Protection Act, Home Care Organizations and independent Home Care Aides are now required to be certified by the State of California, before providing care. Effective January 1, 2016, Home Care Organizations throughout California are subject to more stringent requirements to ensure protection of the consumer.  Home Care Organizations are now required to have their Home Care Aides registered, formally trained, clear background checks, take Tuberculosis screenings, and submit LiveScan fingerprinting.


If you have more questions about the Home Care Aide Registry, you can visit the State of California Department of Social Services website: https://secure.dss.ca.gov/ccld/hcsregistry/help.aspx.


On that website you can find some of the following information and more:


What is a Home Care Aide?


A Home Care Aide is an individual who provides assistance to elderly and disabled individuals with activities of daily living or home care services. An affiliated Home Care Aide is employed by a Home Care Organization to provide home care services to a client and is registered on the Home Care Aide Registry. An independent Home Care Aide is not employed by a Home Care Organization; however, independent Home Care Aides can be listed on the Home Care Aide Registry and provide home care services through a direct agreement with a client.

What is The Home Care Aide Registry?


The Home Care Aide Registry is a website that verifies the status of registered Home Care Aides or Home Care Aide applicants. In addition, the Registry provides an online method for Home Care Aides to apply to be on the Registry and request renewal of registration.

California Seniors Care (CSC Home Care) is happy to comply with these requirements as they continue to do everything in their power to protect their elderly consumer. For more information about California Seniors Care (CSC Home Care), you can visit our website at www.cscHomeCare.com or give us a call at (408) 427-8665, and we’ll be happy to assist you!


Home Care Aide Registry

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